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Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. is the Limca Record Holder as a Largest Mover of household goods in India. The Organization is a very strong presence in india and is Spreading its wings in global arena with a very strong international Moving Division.

Professional Relocation Services by Packers and Movers Pune

Growth is the need of life. Every human being wants to improve and develop during his course of time. Everyone has a dream house to make and live in during his life span and you work hard all your life in order to make that dream come true but new house sounds nice only till it is about either buying it or living in it but dreams encounter hassle as soon as the process of packing and shifting comes into picture as it occupies major part of your time and effort. So it is always a wiser and better decision to hire professional Packers & Movers to help you relocate without any stress.



This is of a great requirement if you are looking for professionals. You need to trust the brand before you take services from the same. For this purpose you need to know all the details of the company and be sure that the choice that you have made is right. Packers and Movers Pune has been one such name and has been keeping trust of its customers ever since its inception.


This is another important requirement if the company is good in the real sense. There has to be assurance of quality in the services that they provide. For instance- timely delivery, best quality packing material, expert techniques, etc are some key ingredients to be sure of, in order to attain perfection. If they assure quality in these and also work up to what they say, the service providers are sue to be the best in their kind.


Your belief does not deserve to be broken or go false. To ensure this, you have to build in your trust in a company that is worth your trust. Check the experience of the company and also make sure that the experience goes with some renowned clients. The list of its past clients would tell you about the quality and would validate your trust. Also, if possible, take a feedback from at least 5-6 past customers to stamp the words that they assure to put into practice with your move.


Movers and Packers Pune has been in the industry since 27 years and has been delivering the best quality results all throughout. With an insignia of assurance, they, as professionals believe in keeping the emotional value of the consignment intact as they understand that there is a degree of emotion that you attach when you bring in any article to your house. So, this time when you plan to move, make sure that you have checked the above stated C’s and ensured safety and reliability along.

How is Agarwal Packers & Movers Different From The Rest of The Moving Companies in India?

It takes a lot of efforts and money to possess your high-end, desirable and dear goods, be it your refined Teak furniture, your beautiful collection of crockery, or the most sought-after home decorative. And it breaks your heart if anyone ruthlessly handles the movement of your valuable goods or does not seem to inculcate care into its ways of dealing. So, throughout the moving process, the one thing that cripples us is not only the safety of our possessions, but also how meticulously the moving company packs and moves each item, highlighting the fact that they understand the emotions that we attach with the goods and above it, revere too. If a name has to be given out of the lacs of moving companies working in India and serving Indian masses, then it will be, undoubtedly, Agarwal Packers and Movers Limited.


The company is leaving an indelible mark on the minds of its customers by its exclusive ways of dealing, such as:

Services that give high value to emotions – The moving company gives importance to the emotions of the people attached with their goods. When it comes to moving religious items, the company ensures that it maintains sanctity throughout while moving it safely and timely. It houses such goods of importance or relevance in Perfect Boxes and marks it with a label that identifies such goods differently in the lot. Their workforce is given proper instructions to handle such boxes with utmost care and concern. Be it during the time of packing, moving or handling, they keep a watchful eye at every stage.

Customer-oriented services – Packers & Movers offers tailor-made services to its customers who have varied demands. Each service and plan is formulated according to the wish of the customer. When you come at the locus of all the methodologies, services ultimately meet or rather exceed your satisfaction. To every move it makes, it ensures to maintain the level of standards, thereby ensuring that they perform to satisfy rather than reaping gains.

Affordable – The company takes care of the middle-class’ plight who feel restricted to avail services because of the budget constraint. Hence, becoming the messiah of such people and families, the company has made available all its world-class services at affordable prices.


Innovative – Innovation is the tool to achieve an edge over the competitors. The Packers and Movers has been framing its services keeping innovation at its heart. From coming up with the advance ways to pack & transport goods to forming plans that blend the best use of technology to its services, the company tackles the movement in this new era by giving high value to the intricacies and innovation.

Value-added services – The Agarwals offers the whole gamut of moving services, ranging from core Packing & Moving to Transportation, Warehousing, Home Storage, Vehicle Transportation and Supply Chain. Apart from this, other services that form its one of the offerings include Pet and Plant Relocation services that are complementary.

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Packers and Movers during Relocation

You obviously are aware of all the tension and stress that you face during the time of packing and moving. Whether you are planning to shift to a nearby place or outside the country, there are many phases involved in the course of packing and moving.

A well-known and reputed movers and packers will not only provide you with wide-ranging services, but also make sure to deliver your goods to the destination place with complete safety and security. With eons of packers and movers in the country, it becomes very difficult for you to choose the one who meets all your packing and moving requirements.


It is not necessary that only the most expensive company will provide you with best of services. There are also many companies which promise to give all your required services in a very low price. Do not blindly trust such companies as they live with this motive to lure the innocent customers with such attractive offers and later, run away with their hard-earned belongings. Always remember to hire such moving company which offers you various services and that too in a pocket-friendly price.

Go through the following points to know the best ways to choose the reliable packers and movers –

- Do not run after the cheap moving service providers – When you are searching for a consistent moving company, you might find such companies which swear by offering all the services on the cheapest rates possible. Make sure to avoid such deals. The reason behind their cheap rates is that they do not provide with insurance for your goods. They also add hidden costs in their services which they will surely ask for later. Always look out for the quality rather than looking for the cheap rates. Hire such company which meets all your relocation requirements.

- Take advice from social circle – Always take suggestions from your friends, families and other people who have shifted their home by taking aid from a moving company. Taking opinion from your surroundings can help you a lot while looking for a good moving company.


- Make sure to read the online reviews – Each company, be it small or big, has their websites on the internet because nowadays, it is very important to have an online presence. Go through the online reviews of various companies who can provide you with the services that you require. Social media being the biggest platform to share real life experiences, many customers share about their experience with their respective moving company. Reading those reviews will help you a lot while selecting the right company. And after reading the reviews, shortlist some of the companies that you have liked and visit those offices personally to have a face-to-face conversation about their services and quotes.

You should always keep the above tips in mind whenever you plan to make a home shift. Make sure to finalize such moving company which bestows you with all the services that you want. Stay safe and may you have a happy and safe relocation!

Experience a trouble-free relocation with Packers and Movers!

It is common that moving to a new place brings so much excitement but on the other side, it also brings homesickness to those who do not want to change their present home. Shifting your base to a new place is a task which cannot be done within a blink of an eye. It is a very wearisome and frustrating task which cannot be handled all alone. If you have made the decision to relocate yourself along with your entire goods, then firstly you will obviously plan to pack your goods. There are various kinds of goods which need to be packed according to their texture. Some of them are so fragile that they need extra care. In this situation, you will have no idea as to how you can pack the fragile items so that it does not get harmed. You will find yourself in a dilemma that whether you should continue packing the goods by yourself or not. It should be best for you and your belongings if you quit thinking of executing the shifting process on your own because you don’t have the basic knowledge and skills of packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and rearranging in a safe manner. Moreover, when you plan of relocating your home, you are filled with anxiety and tension because you need to think of the safety and security of all your hard-earned belongings during the shifting process. This is the time when professional moving service provider plays a key role in your life.

It would be a wise decision for you if you contact a reliable packers and movers which can give you a hassle-free shifting. They have a team of experts who have knowledge and skills of moving and packing. They realize that you are emotionally attached with your belongings, which is why they take proper care while dealing with your goods. They use quality packing material to prevent your goods from any internal or external damage. A best and trustworthy moving company will provide their customer with best and affordable services.

Before hiring a random moving company, keep the following points in mind –

- Clarify about the services that the moving company is providing you with.

- Make sure that the workers are well-trained and know how to handle the delicate goods.

- Ask and negotiate the quotes before finalizing the moving company.

Relocating using movers and packers will definitely bring smile to your face during relocation and make you tension-free.

Guidelines to hire an acknowledged Packers and Movers

These days, moving service providers are gaining recognition by helping people to shift from one place to another along with their complete belongings. The best packers and movers sole motive is to convert the tormenting task of relocation into an easy and stress-free task. Moving and packing companies endows you with a collection of quality services like household goods shifting service, relocation service, goods warehousing service, corporate shifting service, car transportation service, insurance service and many more services making certain that your goods reach the destination safely and securely.

A consistent moving service provider will ensure to make your relocation smooth and tranquil. But, settling on the best from the numerous packers and movers is a tough decision to make. While finalizing the one moving company, keep in mind that you are granting them the permission to handle your possessions. So, carefully consider each and everything about the chosen company in detail.

Below are the few guidelines which you should definitely consider before hiring a moving service provider –

1. Go for the experienced and knowledgeable movers and packers for best services. It would be best to select the registered and licensed moving service provider.
2. Check the previous customer’s review to know the reliability of the moving company.
3. It is very important to know whether the moving company has an office at the destination place. Make certain that they provide the service at the delivery spot. It will help in safe delivery, unloading and unpacking of goods.
4. Make sure that the background of the workers and staffs is verified.
5. Clarify about the services that the moving company provides.
6. Look out for the company which provides you with quality packing. Get quotes from the different companies and compare them with each other.
7. Suggestion from friends and relatives can be very helpful to choose a reliable moving company. Take advice from the people who have done relocation with the help of professional moving company.
8. Try to hire a company which bestows you with door to door service and that too, in a safe manner with timely delivery of goods.
9. Be clear on any hidden costs involved in the service.
10. The company should be experienced and outfitted with modern equipments and has dedicated skilled and professional workers.
11. If you want to shift your bike or car along with you, then check with the company whether they offer vehicle transportation service or not. If yes, then do not forget to take an undertaking from the company stating that they will deliver your vehicle safely and timely.
12. Carefully read and understand each and everything written in the insurance policy of your carrier. Different companies have different policies so check whether the policy is sufficient to cover all your belongings. Make sure to keep the copy with you as a proof in case any mishap occurs in future.
13. Ask for the probable days for delivery of the goods at the destination place. Make sure to get margin of 5-6 days more as most of the time delivery is delayed due to unexpected and inevitable circumstances.
14. Do not give the money just after your consignment reaches the destination point. Instead, check all your items personally whether they are in good condition or not. This will help you in future to put financial pressure on the moving company if in case any damage has been done to your item.
15. Do not forget to check the expiry date of the transit insurance from the insurance company.

Moving to a new place along with the entire belongings is in itself a tedious task, so you certainly don’t want unprofessional movers to add more problems while relocation. Therefore, follow the above points and hire the most reliable, trustworthy and experienced packers and movers which will not only take care of your goods as their own but also make your relocation hassle-free.

How to Satisfy Your Shifting and Relocation Needs

Relocation is not an easy task, be it within the same city or inter-city. It requires a wholesome portion of your un-diverted attention and time in order to execute all the tasks with perfection. Also, we know that it gets really difficult to spare time for anything extra when your daily schedule packs your bag with prior tie-ups. So, what is to be done then? How will the action be taken forward and how will you shift with such a busy schedule? Do not worry, hire professional packers and movers for your move and they will solve all the worries.


Experts always add on a little spice to everything that they do which is a mile ahead than the layman try. So is the case with packing and moving experts. They take over your shifting worries and shoulder your needs with extensive perfection, keeping in mind the need of the hour. Their team of expert personnel completes each part of the shifting task with expertise and delivers appreciable results. Starting from investigating the entire (to be shifted) consignment to moving and re-arranging it, is all taken care of. Good quality of packing material is used, keeping in mind the delicacy to roughness of every article.

Corrugated sheets and boxes, bubble wraps, thermocol bubbles and sheets, cartons, crates, cardboards, corners, cellophane sheets, etc are some basic things used to pack your belongings and keep them safe, which, if we had to self pack, would be ignored and substituted with available things at home to pack. This is not it! Packers have specially designed carriers to ensure safety even while the move is in process. The carriers lock the consignment to its place with the help of belts and protect it from inside moving.

Any task is said to be perfect when all the processes involved in the completion of the task are executed perfectly. Similarly, your move will be stress-free and worth a memory if all the tasks of packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and re-arranging are executed with perfection. This means that no article encounters any damage or breakage while the responsibility is on someone else. Another point of consideration is that not every party can afford an expensive moving service for themselves, so we have to make sure that the company you choose has set affordable price lines for their services.


Packing and moving in India is not easy for anybody. Considering the conditions of the country, be it population, traffic, time lines, etc, it gets really difficult to manage the task swiftly. Only professional hands can manage it easily and in a good manner. All you have to be sure is that you choose the right moving company for you. So mandate inquiry before selection and have a peaceful experience.

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Don’t Have Time to Invest on Moving process? Hire Professionals for Assistance

Shifting is a process which brings lots of stress and worries with it; moreover lots of demands came into appearance when you thought to relocate your goods from one place to another. Lots of things are there to look after before starting the relocation process. One need to take few things into consideration before executing the actual move such as complete budget of move, arrangement of transportation facility, time required for completion of relocation process, arrangement of qualitative packing material and others. In addition to this, you also need to decide when to start packing on the basis of final day of your move. Shifting is a big and chaotic task that involves lots of annoying tasks. It is not possible for everyone to perform relocation task successfully on their own. You definitely require professionals help and assistance to relocate your belongings safely from your current dwelling to new. Therefore, it is suggested to look for professional moving company within your area that is competent enough to serve all your relocation needs. If you are planning to move outside Delhi, then hire one of the Movers and Packers in Delhi and enjoy a hassle-free move.


One can easily found appropriate moving company following below mentioned guidelines:

1. Do online research in context of moving companies. Lots of moving companies are registered online. You can explore the websites of all moving companies registered over the World Wide Web and can gather more and more information about their services, packing material and other aspects.

2. You can also enquire from your friends, relatives, neighbors and other acquaintances about the same. They will suggest you best in this context on the basis of their past experiences. They will refer you best company and also make you aware about all the positives and negatives of specific company.

3. Check out the customer reviews section available online to know about the quality of services provided by company directly from customers’ mouth. They will tell you properly about what type of services particular company renders as well as about the quality of packing material used by the company.


Today’s world is an internet world, where one can easily find solution to every problem. So, why to worry much? Just surf the World Wide Web and find one of the Packers and Movers in Delhi i.e. best, reliable, experienced and genuine.

One such name in the logistics industry is Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. They are famous all around India for providing best relocation services. Having 103 branches all over country serving 1264 locations and worldwide presence in 182 countries, they have done N numbers of successful moves till the date both at domestic and international locations.  They assure safe and smooth transition of goods from one place to another, you can assure their quality from their packing process at