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Learn the Best Way to Pack Paintings for Ensuring Higher Safety during Relocation

Undoubtedly, whole process of relocation possess its own risk and stress factors but how to pack and move delicate and expensive artwork and antique is the main question that creates excessive stress in the mind of mover. Among all, paintings are more delicate one as they carry their own hazards. If they have glass frame then you need to make sure that glass does not break and if they are simple canvas then you need to take care of the fact that paintings are not torn or pierced. You need to give extra care to paintings while moving them from one place to another. For this, it is essential to make use of proper tricks and techniques. You cannot be perfect and professional like packers and movers, but yes you can reach to perfection if you follow below mentioned guidelines while packing paintings for move.



1. If your paintings are framed with glass then put big “X” on the front side using masking tape so that pieces of glass remains in place if glass gets break or damaged during the move.
2. Thereafter, cover the whole glass with cardboard. This cardboard should be large enough to cover the glass of painting but it should not be bigger than the glass. You can also go for using foam, mat board or even the loose carpet padding if you don’t have cardboard to cover the glass. The purpose behind using cardboard is to reduce the amount of static cling that can occur between the bubble wrap and painting.
3. Once the glass of paintings get covered with cardboard, wrap the painting within a thick layer of bubble wrap. Considering the shape of painting, you can wrap the bubble wrap vertically, horizontally or may be both which keeps the painting more secure. Also secure the edges of the bubble wrap at the back of paintings using masking tape. Make sure that paintings should wrap tightly otherwise it will get break during move.
4. Once the wrapping gets completed, look for the box that is suitable according to the size of paintings for packing. Box should be larger in size than the size of painting going to be pack inside it.
5. Put one painting at a time inside the box and do not overburden the box with more than 2, 3 paintings as it can damage during loading unloading. After placing the required number of paintings within the box, fill the extra space with rags, stuff newspaper or fillings so that paintings has very little room to make a move.
6. Finally, close the box and seal it up using packing tape on edges.
7. Put a big label of fragile item on the box so that person who moves it will pay extra care and attention.

Following the above mentioned guidelines, paintings can be packed perfectly and definitely remain safe throughout transportation process.

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