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Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. is the Limca Record Holder as a Largest Mover of household goods in India. The Organization is a very strong presence in india and is Spreading its wings in global arena with a very strong international Moving Division.

How is Agarwal Packers & Movers Different From The Rest of The Moving Companies in India?

It takes a lot of efforts and money to possess your high-end, desirable and dear goods, be it your refined Teak furniture, your beautiful collection of crockery, or the most sought-after home decorative. And it breaks your heart if anyone ruthlessly handles the movement of your valuable goods or does not seem to inculcate care into its ways of dealing. So, throughout the moving process, the one thing that cripples us is not only the safety of our possessions, but also how meticulously the moving company packs and moves each item, highlighting the fact that they understand the emotions that we attach with the goods and above it, revere too. If a name has to be given out of the lacs of moving companies working in India and serving Indian masses, then it will be, undoubtedly, Agarwal Packers and Movers Limited.


The company is leaving an indelible mark on the minds of its customers by its exclusive ways of dealing, such as:

Services that give high value to emotions – The moving company gives importance to the emotions of the people attached with their goods. When it comes to moving religious items, the company ensures that it maintains sanctity throughout while moving it safely and timely. It houses such goods of importance or relevance in Perfect Boxes and marks it with a label that identifies such goods differently in the lot. Their workforce is given proper instructions to handle such boxes with utmost care and concern. Be it during the time of packing, moving or handling, they keep a watchful eye at every stage.

Customer-oriented services – Packers & Movers offers tailor-made services to its customers who have varied demands. Each service and plan is formulated according to the wish of the customer. When you come at the locus of all the methodologies, services ultimately meet or rather exceed your satisfaction. To every move it makes, it ensures to maintain the level of standards, thereby ensuring that they perform to satisfy rather than reaping gains.

Affordable – The company takes care of the middle-class’ plight who feel restricted to avail services because of the budget constraint. Hence, becoming the messiah of such people and families, the company has made available all its world-class services at affordable prices.


Innovative – Innovation is the tool to achieve an edge over the competitors. The Packers and Movers has been framing its services keeping innovation at its heart. From coming up with the advance ways to pack & transport goods to forming plans that blend the best use of technology to its services, the company tackles the movement in this new era by giving high value to the intricacies and innovation.

Value-added services – The Agarwals offers the whole gamut of moving services, ranging from core Packing & Moving to Transportation, Warehousing, Home Storage, Vehicle Transportation and Supply Chain. Apart from this, other services that form its one of the offerings include Pet and Plant Relocation services that are complementary.